Change Log

Version 1.0 - Original Beta Release

Version 1.1 - Fixed problem where DroidSeer was unable to work over 3G/GPRS. This was because Homeseer requires Authentication when accessing the web server from an outside network. Droidseer now asks for an Internal Server Address, an External Server Address and a Username/Password as part of it's initial configuration. Please note that upgrading to this version will wipe the database so you will need to re-enter your devices. In future version this will not be necessary. Thanks to Johnathan Clark for reporting this error.

Version 1.2 - Fixed problem where DroidSeer was unable to turn on Devices with a 3 Digit house code (e.g A10). Hopefully fixed compatability issue with Z-wave/Elk M1 Devices by using 'Enhanced Lamp Module' (See user manual for more info). Added Modify Device/Event option. Added drop down list of Existing Locations in the Add Device/Event Screen (Type the first letter of an existing location and select from list). Changed graphics to make it look a little prettier :P

Version 1.3 - Each device now shows it's current status. Green for on, Red for Off, Orange for Dimmed and Blue for Events. At any time when devices are shown you can press the Menu button to refresh their status. With this release DroidSeer now communicates a lot more with the server, It still won't use hardly any traffic but please notify me of any bugs that you encounter.

Version 1.31 - Fixed the problem where if your homeseer webserver is not running on port 80 for HTTP or port 443 for HTTPS, DroidSeer Force Closes. e.g if your server config has something like then you would get this error.

Version 1.32 (First Release Version)- Fixed problem where some people were having problems connecting via the internet. Server reported that it could not communicate even when the server was pingable from other computers.

Version 1.33 - Fixed problem where if you have spaces in your event names, DroidSeer would crash when it tried to retrieve the status. DroidSeer now automatically replaces the space with %20 which is it's character code in html.


Known Bugs

* If you lose mobile and Wifi connection half way through a status refresh the program sometimes gets confused, try pressing the back button or press home and relaunch DroidSeer. I am working on a solution to this issue.

* If you try to do many operations in quick succession whilst connecting from the internet, HomeSeer will block your ip address and you will not be able to connect for 2 minutes. This is due to the intrusion detection that was included in the later versions of HomeSeer. This problem will be fixed in version 2.0 of DroidSeer but until then you can get around the problem by modifying the settings.ini file which can be found in the Config folder within you HomeSeer Directory. Simply open this file using notepad and then add the following lines to the end of the file:


After adding these lines, restart HomeSeer and you should no longer get locked out when using DroidSeer.


Requested Features

Ability to Edit the DroidSeer database on a pc for faster device entry - I have already started looking into an import/export function to allow to transfer the databse between devices and also to perform a backup. I will also look into writing as PC Application in VB to allow you to modify the database on the PC. I may also look into some sort of import facility to allow you to import devices straight from Homeseer. That maybe a step to far though! :-)

Customise the look of the user inerface - I am currently looking into themes for DroidSeer. You will be able to copy a theme pack to your SD Card and then select in DroidSeer to use the custom theme rather than the built in one.

Support for Status only devices such as thermostats - This will be added into DroidSeer 2.0 and will allow you to display the status of virtual devices such as Weather, Thermostats etc.

DONE: Ability to modify devices rather than having to delete and re-create - I can see how this will save a lot of time as I have made mistakes whilst entering devices and it would be much easier just to modify them. This will be implemented in a future version.

DONE: When Adding a Device Event, have a drop down list of existing locations rather than having to re-type them everytime - This is now done and will be implemented in version 1.2.

DONE:Compatability with Elk M1 Plugin - At the moment the On/Off command works but both Dim and Bright commands set the light directly to 20% rather than relatively dimming asnd brightening. I am looking at modifying DroidSeer and the script file on the PC to try and cure this problem. This will be implemented in a future version. Thanks to Rick Combs for the testing in this area.

DONE:Compatabilty with Z-wave Devices - Same problem as Elk M1 Plugin.

DONE: Show status of Devices - As it says, Show the current status of devices so you can see if they are currently on/off or dimmed. Also possibility f showing status of devices such as thermostats (This requires a bit more inestigation as I don't own any to see how they show their staus)


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